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A Spring Show in Whistler to support the Sacred Headwaters!

Paul Coangelo has given permission for participating artists across Canada to use photos of his enlarged images as reference material and inspiration for their own interpretation. In this show which runs until June 7, participating artists' work is hung beside the Paul Colangelo image that was the inspiration. To see the photos and Paul's interview with Wade Davis on the history and importance of this area, go to:

What can you do? Visit the gallery. See the show. Buy a painting. Tell your friends. 20% of the proceeds are dedicated to protecting the Sacred Headwaters. 

What else can you do?

Learn more and see the beauty: Wade Davis wrote The Sacred Headwaters , in which the story of the area is told, illustrated by many beautiful photographs. Watch this compelling TED talk by Wade Davis to see the magnificent beauty of this area and learn about both the threat and the possibilities for tourism:

Please spread the word to artists and galleries and others who might be interested.

Visit the area yourself. The Sacred Headwaters lie North of Terrace BC on the Cassiar Highway. There are lodges, cabins and motels in Iskut and the area. This link also has a map:

Speak out: 

o Sign the petition at

o Donate through SWCC or other Non-profit organizations linked on the above site.

o Contact Decision-makers to let them know this is important to present and future generations of Canadians. If you wish to voice your concern and request protection for the area, its residents and wildlife,you may write, phone or email your elected government representatives. Start with the Province.

The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia PO Box 9041 Station Prov Govt, Victoria BC, V8W 9E1 250 387-1715 [email protected]